Thursday, December 28, 2006

A True Fan

Disney OrnamentSeth Godin has a short post today asking the question, "Would I buy the T-shirt?" By this he means, does your business inspire the kind of fans and fanaticism that would inspire the purchase of a t-shirt with your logo? If not, why not and how can you change?

Wow! What a question. I'm trying to think of the last thing which inspired me to buy a t-shirt (or other souvenir with a corporate logo). I'm wearing a sweatshirt from my trip to Alaska this summer. On our Christmas tree, we have ornaments from Disneyworld, and Cirque du Soleil. Probably the largest number of "t-shirt" purchases for me would be from the "Babylon 5" franchise.

So, what do these all have in common? What do they have that other television programs, travels and/or performances don't have?

Looking at them I can see one common thread. They each in their own way transported me to another existence. I saw sites which I had never before imagined. I experienced whole new viewpoints and ideas. I even discovered whole new areas of my own life which have colored my days since that time.

So, how do I put my own business in such rarefied company? How do I make my clients want to buy my t-shirt? I'll admit to being stumped right now on that one, but the question has opened up a whole new area for me to ponder. I wonder if Seth has any t-shirts!

4 days.

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