Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Back in the Saddle

Just a quick post tonight as it is getting close to my bedtime.

I've pretty much finished up the work on the CNP of Ohio contest registration form. It's all running on my test machine. Now I just need to upload, install and test it on the production server. This is always a pretty exciting and sometimes exceedingly frustrating part of any project for me. Inevitably, I will discover some minor issues which differ between the testing site and the production site. This leads to a bit more tweaking on the system and then back to the testing phase. If things are going smoothly, this rarely takes more than an hour or so. After all, I do attempt to make my testing server "look" as much like the production server as is reasonable. I mean, I'm not going to completely reload my system or anything, but I do at least try to get all of the directories in the same locations.

After I take care of that tomorrow morning, it is back to getting the donations facilities up and running for the Community Housing Network site. I think I now have all of the pieces to at least do the system building. Now we just need to nail down the details on the production server and we should make it with days to spare before the deadline.

On a More Personal Note
Perrysburg Christmas
Lisa and I just got back from our holiday travels. We were down in Texas visiting her family for most of a week. We then flew back early Christmas morning in order to go down to Perrysburg, Ohio for a big family Christmas with my Mom. The Perrysburg Christmas was a bit smaller than in previous years. We have had as many as thirteen or fourteen of us sitting around the table. This time, we were a comparatively manageable eight. Still my mom cooked as if there were an army showing up and I don't think a one of us wandered away from the table hungry.

We ate, talked, did puzzles, and, of course, opened presents. With two kids, five dogs (including a new puppy) and a cat, we had our share of mayhem. Still, we did experience occasional moments of peace and quiet. And, no matter what the atmosphere, we all had a lot of fun.

So, how did you spend your holidays?

6 days.

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