Wednesday, December 13, 2006

On Being a Class Act

Cast of 'A Class Act'I've been reading Jack Canfield's Success Principles, lately. Most of the stuff in there I've read before in one place or another, but it's nice to have it all gathered into one book. The repetition of the information never hurts, either.

In the section I am currently reading, he talks about being a "class act". Everyone would prefer to be around, work for, or work with a class act. We can all recognize these people. They always live up to their highest ideals. They help others to achieve their goals. They never gossip nor criticize in an inappropriate way. A class act sets the standard by her actions and then encourages us all to live up to that standard.

I wish we had more class acts in the public eye. I would love it if, going through the check out line, I could read headlines about the good things that our public figures have achieved, rather than their imperfections and peccadilloes. Sure, these people aren't perfect, but it may be a measure of our own lack that we focus on these imperfections as opposed to the good that they have tried to achieve.

Don't get me wrong, betrayal of the public trust should be exposed, but I'm not sure that it really uplifts my life to know the latest about Brad and Jen's romantic relationships.

So, who, whether on a local or global level, do you think merits the label "Class Act"?

19 days.

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