Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tell Me a Story

Story timeI was reading Seth Godin's blog this evening. He made some intriguing comments about "mythic" brands. These are powerful brands which connect with people on almost a spiritual level and often have a story associated with them.

This fits right in with what I learned first in the Certified Networker training program. When you are telling people about your business or your brand, whether you have a minute or an hour, you must tell them a story. No one cares that you have features A, B, and C which you support or that you specialize in selling framjantz capacitors. What they really want to know is how those framjantz capacitors made someones life better (especially someone with whom they can identify closely).

Personally, I'm not doing too bad with the storytelling. I do think I should work on that second part (about making an emotional or spiritual connection). I think that this is what will take my brand from an interesting curiosity to a compelling need.

So, what's your story?

20 days.

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