Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Life and Times of a Cavedweller

CavemanI mentioned a few days ago that things were looking pretty busy over the holidays. I count it my great good fortune that my business is picking up. In fact, just yesterday I got the final OK on another project referred to me through one of my Leadership Ann Arbor classmates, Jim Anderson of A.J. Boggs & Company. Of course, on top of that is the normal rush and bustle of Christmastime down in Texas with Lisa's family. I'm very fortunate that they are completely understanding of my working over the holiday. I've been holed up in my cave most of the day, cranking out Java code for U of M, debugging problems with the CNP of Ohio mailing list, and even writing an article or two.

The big news is that today was (functionally) my last day at University of Michigan. OK, yes, my countdown would indicate that December 31st is my last day, and my actual letter of resignation would say that it is January 3rd. It's all true. I had set December 31st as my last day. Unfortunately, U of M has a rule that you have to work your last day. That means that, since the U is closed from the 23rd through the 1st, I would lose my pay for the end of December. I didn't think that was cool, so my official last day is the 3rd (don't ask me why it isn't the 2nd, it doesn't make any sense to me either).

So, since it isn't terribly likely that I will get anything useful done at the U on the 3rd except turning in my keys and cleaning out my desk, today was really my last working day. At this point, I've pretty much worked through the melancholy. I'm ready to move on. I'm ready for the new chapter. I'm especially ready to clear my mental space of the old ways and start looking at how I want to organize this new adventure. I've got my 101 goals in one hand and my notebook of to-do lists in the other. Look out world!

So, where will you be spending the holidays?

11 days.

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