Thursday, November 02, 2006

You Are Here

small town main streetOne week from now I'll be attending my first regular meeting of the Leadership Ann Arbor class. I wrote a bit about our initial retreat where we learned about ourselves as leaders. Now we are going to start learning about this great city in which we live.

The November meeting is supposed to concentrate on economic development in the Ann Arbor area. To prepare ourselves, we were given a "Scavenger Hunt" which was to help us learn more about the city. OK, at first I got all sulky -- think of a put-upon teenager and you'll get the picture. Then something intriguing happened.

I got interested.

I found out about the Border to Border Trail initiative, the goal of which is to create an unbroken, non-motorized trail following the Huron River from Dexter to Ypsilanti. I was forced to reflect on the businesses I frequent in the area. I even started researching the businesses that have sprung from technologies developed at the nearby universities, colleges, and research labs -- such imaginative and creative people!

Something that is exciting me even more is to find out what the other members of my working group have found out (or knew in the first place). What are their top five restaurants? Cultural attractions? I'm sure they will come up with things of which I have never heard, but will expand my enjoyment of living and working here in Ann Arbor.

So, what cool things have you discovered about your home town? If I were to visit there, could you recommend a great vegetarian restaurant?

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