Thursday, November 02, 2006


A few years ago, I took a seminar called "How to go from where you are to where you want to be." As a product of this course, our instructor helped us to create a five-year plan including all of those things that we wanted to accomplish. Amongst the many things in my story was to travel. In particular, I included three places: Disneyworld, Alaska, and Hawaii.

I was actually never very big on travel. It always seemed to be a lot of trouble and not worth the effort. Then I met my wife, Lisa. She taught me to love the adventure of seeing new places, to find the fun, even when things aren't going perfectly, and to re-order my priorities to include travel in my life.

Well, about three years ago, we went for a week at Disneyworld and in August of this year we went to Alaska for ten days. In between, we've gone to Oregon, Italy, Japan, and on a cruise through the Caribbean. Who'd have thought that I would become such a world traveler?

And now? Now, thanks to Lisa's careful planning, we're going to Hawaii, a place I've dreamed of going since I was about 7. This winter, while the wind and snow is howling around our house, we'll be enjoying the beautiful island of Kauai. I am a truly fortunate guy. Beyond the prospect of spending a week in paradise, I found someone who has helped me to reach my dreams!

So, where is your dream trip? When are you going to go?

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