Friday, November 10, 2006

What Do You See Through Your Lens?

Squidoo LogoSo, I decided to start checking out some of the new and cool toys out on the web. As a web professional, I hate to be too far behind the curve. I think I have about the 10 millionth blog, so I'm pretty much out of luck there. Still, I figure if I keep plugging away, I am still ahead of most of the crowd.

Keeping this in mind, I was reading Seth Godin's blog tonight. He wrote about this new gadget called Squidoo. From what I gather, it allows you, me and even Aunt Mary to create a single web page which points to other stuff. The idea is this: Each of us is an expert on something, even if it is only ourselves. On this page (called a "lens") we create lists and links and short commentary about that one topic. This gathers all of the important info into one place, and makes it easier for other people to find it.

I'm going to have to explore the Squidoo-sphere some more to get an opinion of how well it works, but for now, eschewing my usual paralysis of analysis, I have created my own Squidoo lens. I've decided to focus on the experience of starting my business. I hope to include links and reviews of resources which I find along the way.

Sounds like it might be fun!

So, on what topic are you the expert? How did you become such an expert?

53 days.

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