Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Most Sincere Pumpkin Patch

The Webmaster in the pumpkin patchAs promised, here is the picture of the pile o' pumpkins on our front porch. We had a lot of fun over the weekend getting together with family and friends to create these works of Halloween art and we received more than a few compliments on them.

I've always loved Halloween. I trick-or-treated until I was about 16 (much to my parents' embarrassment). I loved the costumes and I really loved the candy. To be specific, I loved the good candy. Smarties and Sweet-tarts were OK, but let's face it the good stuff usually involved chocolate. Of course, the top of the heap were the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups with Kit-Kat running a close second. The next tier down were the other chocolate bars. Lower still were the dum-dum suckers, and the ubiquitous peanut butter candies in their black or orange wrappers. The only thing lower than that were the pennies.

Yeah, you remember that guy who gave out pennies. Don't be that guy.

So now that I'm a grown-up (OK, so now that I own a home), I always give the good stuff and I always give out a lot. We rarely get a lot of kids (this year was a record at 28), but they always get a big handful from us (I have very large hands).

Interestingly, this leads me to thoughts of doing business and the different ways businesses treat their customers. Think about your own establishment. If your customers were trick-or-treaters, would you be the one giving out: Kit-Kat's and Peanut Butter Cups -- exceeding the customers wildest expectations? Smarties and dum-dum suckers -- doing a good, if uninspired, job? Or are you the one giving out pennies? (Don't be that guy)

Hope you all had a safe and wonderful Halloween. I'm sure I'll feel much better after I sleep off the sugar crash.

So, what was your favorite candy at Halloween?

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Larc said...

If you want to see our Dora pumpkin, check out Al's blog (via mine, if need be).
Love your display!