Friday, July 20, 2007

New Karate Video

My training partner, Peter, and I had our most recent test for our 3rd degree Black Belts on the 14th. As usual, I dragooned a friend into shooting some video. This time it was Ed Hood, an attorney whom we had met through the auspices of our church bulletin. I think he did a great job catching the action (what their was).

Once again, I used the Microsoft Movie Maker to edit the video and do the titles and such. This time I added some subtitles. We were demonstrating some basic Judo moves which we had learned and I thought it would be good to give some indication what moves we were doing and the corresponding Japanese names.

I've embedded the video below, but you can also see it (and my other videos) on YouTube, where you can comment on what you've seen and even give it a rating.

So, what videos have you seen recently on YouTube?

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