Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cool Guys and the Networking Loop

Q LtdA short while back I mentioned chatting with the amazing Jenn Cornell. Jenn is a great networker. By this I definitely don't mean that she hands out a lot of business cards at every event she attends. Rather she understands the higher levels of networking and the value of putting together the people she knows who might hit it off.

Today I got to be the beneficiary of her networking prowess. Shortly after we met, she sent out an electronic introduction between one of her friends, Scott Hauman of Q Ltd, and me. Scott and I were able to get together this morning over at Sweetwaters in Kerrytown. He, in turn, thought that it would be good for me to meet his colleague, Blaine Roderique and brought him along to share in the conversation.

Now comes the "small world" part of this whole story: Blaine and Scott, the Director of Emerging Media and the Director of Planning respectively, have a colleague whose role is the Vice President of User Experience. His name is Peter Morville and he's a friend of mine. Over a decade ago, Peter and my buddy Lou Rosenfeld had a company together called Argus Associates, Inc.

They were the ones for whom I did my first consulting project.

It's amazing to me how this whole networking thing just keeps coming back around.

For those who are unaware, Q Ltd has been around for over 25 years. They specialize in branding and customer experience in all media. Of course, as the Web has grown in importance, so has it become more and more a focus of their work. Avoiding any jargon, they design websites which are easy for your customers to use and make those customers want to come back again and again.

And Scott, the self-described "Brand Cop", is the one who makes sure everything fits the client's brand and identity.

So if your company needs a professionally designed site, marketing materials (both print and electronic), or a brand identity to tie everything together. Q Ltd might be just what you are looking for. You won't be in bad company, that's for sure.

So, have you had any networking "loops" in your life? How many steps before it came back to you?

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