Friday, July 20, 2007

Comcast Service Follow-Up

Comcast truckYesterday I wrote about some great customer service from an unlikely place -- my cable company, Comcast. I was impressed by every level of interaction, from the rapidity of the phone response to the timeliness of the arrival to, in general, the work that was done. Bravo!

Of course, nothing is entirely perfect in this world. The repairs improved things immensely, but there was still a slight problem with the system. When I went to view a "video-on-demand" movie, the picture would pixelate (usually the symptom of a weak signal). It only happened on the upstairs TV, though. Justin, the cool and knowledgeable first technician, had told me that if I ran into any problems with his repair, to call his supervisor, Randy Cousino.

So, I made the call to Randy and left a message on his voicemail. By 1:30 today, Carey, another Comcast technician, showed up at my door. He did fix the problem in short order. That would have impressed me enough. What really got me, though, was his respect for our home. As soon as he walked in the door, he slipped protective covering over his shoes so as not to track any dirt on our floor.

Very nice.

So, to those who were hoping for one of my rants about horrible customer service, my apologies. This time Comcast came through like a winner.

So, who has really impressed you lately?

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