Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Never-ending Classroom

classroomOn Mondays I attend my sales course with my coach, Joe Marr. I've been going to the class since February of this year. It's a slow process (due to the student, not the teacher), but I think my sales technique is slowly improving.

In class today, I was struck by an amusing thought. I don't know if you remember being in grade school and thinking "Oh, I can't wait to get out of school." The whole goal was to get past all of this education.

Wouldn't my younger self have been surprised to learn that I am still attending classes (and paying for them out of my own pocket, to boot!).

Those of us who've been out of our K-12 and even our college education for a while recognize one of the fundamental truths of the world. If you aren't working to improve, then you are falling behind.

As an entrepreneur I certainly can't afford to fall behind.

So, back into the classroom I go.

So, how have you been educating yourself recently?

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