Thursday, October 11, 2007

Delightfully Different Dinner

Red Mesa GrillLisa and I are still on our vacation in Traverse City. Tonight we went out to a restaurant called "Red Mesa" for dinner. I mentioned this locale in a post from my business retreat earlier this year.

So, why, when there are so many options we could have explored, did I go back to a place I had been before?

Well, one part, of course, is that I wanted to show it to Lisa. The other (which actually ties in with the first) is that when I went the first time I not only enjoyed the food and service, I found it "remarkable", and I mean that literally. I've told a number of people about the place and how much I enjoyed it. While it does have Mexican food, it certainly doesn't limit itself to that one country. On it's menu are dishes from Cuba, Peru, Argentina, and Costa Rica, to name a few.

The folks who run Red Mesa could probably have created a pretty good Mexican restaurant, but instead they went an extra mile or two to become truly remarkable. As an entrepreneur, I'm trying to figure out how I can follow their example. How do I add an amazing array of dishes to my "menu" without diluting myself to the point of mediocrity?

That's a puzzle with which I think most business owners struggle. I'm far from saying that I have the answer, but the first step is recognizing the problem, right?

So, how do you add variety to your "menu" and become remarkable?

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