Saturday, September 22, 2007

On Articles and Weapons

bo formToday I taught my first martial arts weapons class. Our Karate school recently implemented a program where black belts are to declare a "major". Once a month they attend a class focusing on that subject. I'm in charge of the weapons classes.

I also recently uploaded a new article to My goal is to upload at least one new article a week. This one was about using creativity to renew your enthusiasm for networking. According to the response message I got, my new Platinum status should mean that the article will be reviewed and available to the public within two business days.

So, what to the two situations have to do with each other?

Really, it comes down to the benefits of sharing. In both cases the immediate goal is to help others by conveying information and/or ideas. The indirect benefit, though, is that my own skills improve as a result of the sharing. In the case of teaching about martial arts weapons, my students ask questions which I wouldn't have considered previously. With writing the article, the very act of putting my ideas down on paper made me think them through and examine them a little more closely to make sure that they held water.

So, the next time you go out to share with others, just remember that you'll be getting an awful lot in return.

So, what was the best return you've ever received on a "teaching investment"?


Jacki Hollywood Brown said...

Best return on a teaching investment???
Hugs, definitely. It was hugs.
(I used to teach kids how to ride horses/ponies).

Larc said...

Easy - one of my kindergarten students is now subbing in the district. Priceless.
Oh, and Jackie, the hugs are great, too!

Debby said...

What can I say. This morning I taught a BNI advanced training class about the ten minute presentation. I have taught this very same class at least 25 or so other times. This morning, one of the participants experienced and shared a huge "AHA" that he had. It was that the information I was sharing was about working on his business, not just doing his business. Now I know that we've all heard that phrase more times than not, but this morning he really got it. And it was the best response that I've ever had from teaching that class. That was a great way to start an early Monday morning.