Friday, September 14, 2007

Cleaning up the Computer

As I sat down across from Jeff Morris of Hybrid Technology and Training Partners, he struck me immediately as a very focused person with a keen eye for the details. When I later found out that he served as a police officer in Oak Park, Illinois for three years, I wasn't a bit surprised.

I'm sure that some of those skills he picked up from back then serve him in good stead when tracking down the problems his clients experience with their technology.

Jeff just recently joined the Ann Arbor Chamber of Commerce and it was my lucky responsibility as an Ambassador with that august institution to deliver his welcome materials. I do enjoy getting out to meet new people and getting a chance to connect with another techie is always a blast.

Jeff just recently started his business (about six months ago) and already he's developed a host of satisfied clients. Mind you, the folks he works with aren't stupid. They just don't have time to do the work to maintain and troubleshoot their own computers and networks. They call on Jeff to make sure that everything continues to work efficiently. As Jeff pointed out, most of us could probably change our own oil, it's just that it makes more sense in time and effort for us to pay someone else to do it.

If you've ever had computer trouble (and who hasn't?) then you know the great feeling of relief you get when someone comes in and, seemingly miraculously, makes all of the bad stuff go away.

So, if your computer or network is acting like the "bad side of town", be sure to give Jeff a call. No matter what the nature of the evil-doer, whether virus, software failure, or a vulnerable local network, he will bring the problem to ground and make it safe for you to work and play once more.

So, what was the biggest problem you've ever experienced with your technology?

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