Saturday, August 18, 2007

Writing for Fun

writingI've written a few posts here about writing. Blog posts, ezines, articles for newsletters and for -- all venues which I've sought out to practice this craft.

Today I was finishing up my ninth article for EzineArticles (one more and I'll have to wait until they upgrade my account). As I was writing I suddenly realized something -- something that as an indifferent student of the non-sciences horrified me to the core.

I love to write.

I know, I know. It was hard for me to come to grips with the whole thing myself, but there it is. I guess my only choices are to enter some sort of twelve step program or to keep on doing it.

OK, there doesn't seem to be a chapter of writers anonymous in this area so I guess I'll just keep on writing. After all, as my hero, Scott Ginsberg always says, "Writing is the basis of all wealth."

So, how did you get bitten by the writing bug?


Debby said...

Boy, Greg, you are asking for the old mind to work! I think that the first time I really enjoyed writing was when I wrote a sales manual for a company I worked for in Detroit. Instead of being very technical, I took a technical subject and then adapted the writing to everyday things the sales person could relate to. They loved it, learned from it and looked at it more than once. The feeling of success that went along with that has fueled my writing. I want my words to make a difference in someone else's life.

Unknown said...

I think the ability to present technical information in an approachable way is a tremendously admirable skill and one that I continually strive to achieve. Really, if the language and style we use aren't approachable by the audience, then we might just as well have not written in the first place, right?

Angela said...

Writing is absolutely essential to good communication in any relationship you will ever have, business or personal. To be able to not only express your ideas effectively, but in a captivating manner, is a remarkable skill. I've always been thrilled by what an impact you can have with mere words, and that is such great motivation to keep writing. I am enormously flattered whenever anyone compliments me on something I've written.