Monday, August 06, 2007

Run, Angela, Run!

Angela De Smet
Angela De Smet,
Running Fiend
I got a message tonight from Angela De Smet, one of my dear friends from Leadership Ann Arbor. Angela works for Vintage Financial Services as a Senior Financial Planner here in town.

The point of her message was to tell her family and friends about running in a charity fundraising run called the Big House Big Heart 5K Run (so-called because it ends up on the 50-yard line of the Michigan Stadium - the "Big House"). She's representing a great charity, 826 Michigan, an organization which tutors school-age children in creative and expository writing. If, as my friend Scott Ginsberg is wont to say, "writing is the source of all wealth", then you can see how valuable this group is.

The challenging aspect of this activity for those of us who know Angela is that, well, she doesn't much "appreciate" the act of running. OK, she pretty much hates the idea. Still, from challenges great things do arise and her love for the 826 Michigan organization is her inspiration.

She's decided to blog about her odyssey to becoming a running fiend. She's just started, so be sure to cheer her on in the comments area. As someone who just returned to running this year, I can appreciate some of the challenges which she is facing.

And, should you decide that 826 Michigan is a worthy organization, be sure to click through to give whatever you can.

So, what challenges have you overcome recently for a good cause?

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Angela said...

You're the best, Greg! Seven (or so) weeks and counting...