Tuesday, August 14, 2007

High Tech Success

Daniel Kotwicki
Daniel Kotwicki, President
Dakotech, Inc
I was out yesterday in my capacity as an Ambassador for the Ann Arbor Chamber of Commerce. My goal? Deliver a welcome bag to one of our newest members, Daniel Kotwicki, President of Dakotech, Inc.

As I usually do when I'm going someplace where I'm not completely confident of the locale, I plugged his address into my GPS-enabled cell phone and off I rolled.

And stopped about 3 minutes later.

It turns out that Dakotech is based in Daniel's condo, about a quarter mile from my own home. In fact, Lisa and I have walked past it almost every evening this summer, never realizing that behind his door is the one-stop shop for all of your computer and network support needs.

While Dakotech's headquarters benefit from the comfortable, homey feel of a residence, it's operations are every bit as professional as other IT support firms. Daniel has come up with an ingenious way of keeping things as efficient as possible, saving himself and his customers time and money. Instead of having a main office where his technicians show up each day to get their assignments, he does the whole thing remotely.

His techs, scattered throughout the metro-Detroit area, receive their marching orders before they even leave home in the morning. This allows Dakotech to cover much more area than would otherwise be possible. He can also change those orders at any time. A client may suddenly need them right then and there. Daniel can re-route his techs on the fly so that the least amount of time goes by before they show up like superheroes, ready to solve the clients technical problems.

He says that his next goal would be to have all the techs tagged by GPS so he could actually keep track of their current locations on a map on his computer -- easier and more efficient.

Daniel seemed pretty excited by all of the opportunities to which he has access now that he's a Chamber member. If you see him at any of the networking events, be sure to stop and ask him about how he can help you with your recalcitrant IT infrastructure.

So, have you ever had recalcitrant IT infrastructure?

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