Thursday, May 31, 2007

More Gardening Lessons

gardening toolsI started this list yesterday. What gardening has taught me about having a website.

  1. You can always pull one more weed, plant one more flower, or install another piece of hardscaping. The work is never done. On the web, your site is always under construction -- so don't bother telling everyone so. A site that doesn't change is dead.
  2. You can't rush the harvest. Don't expect to be on the first page of the Google rankings on the first day your site goes live. Despite what you see on TV, it does take time. Ask your webmaster about "Search Engine Optimization".
  3. Corn won't grow in the shade. Remember at whom you are aiming your site. Are you trying to inform and educate? Are you trying to market a product? Who are your visitors and what do they want? Make the conditions optimal for their success first.
So, can you think of any gardening metaphors for your business?

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