Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"In" Basket Full

In BasketI'm discovering that I have yet another mental adjustment to make in my path to being an entrepreneur. I've found that my "in" basket seems to be constantly filling up (and occasionally overflowing onto the floor). I've got three development projects going on right now for clients (cellochan, AJ Boggs, and Community Housing Network), two classes (sales training, and website development) each with its own homework. I'm re-designing the Cyber Data Solutions website (as a part of the latter class), trying to maintain my correspondence, writing the occasional article, and attending the occasional networking event or meeting with a potential networking partner or prospect.

Don't get me wrong. I'm enjoying the process. Each of the items I've listed above has it's own appeal and challenge to it. I certainly don't wish that I could go back and change my decision to leave the University and go full time on my business. In fact, thinking back, I probably had just as many "to do" items back then as I do now. So, what's the difference?

I think it's the fact that the items that await my attention are so much more directly tied to my livelihood.

I think that this simple fact has placed a little more urgency in my life. Not necessarily a bad thing. I need a little discomfort to motivate me. I just need a little time to learn to deal with that urgency. I think it also wouldn't hurt to spend at least a little time each week developing systems to help process these requirements a little more efficiently. Maybe that would help me lossen up and relax a little more.

Maybe I should go finish reading "Getting Things Done". ;-)

So, how do you deal with the overflowing "in" basket?

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