Tuesday, March 27, 2007

17 Random Thoughts on a Sunny Day

random thoughtsScott Ginsberg in his post from Monday challenged his readers to make a "random thoughts" post. His was so entertaining, I thought I would give it a shot. Hope you enjoy the ride!

  1. Just because he or she wears a uniform, doesn't mean that there isn't a person underneath.
  2. Impatience will get you into trouble. Slow down and enjoy the experience.
  3. In sales, the difference between theory and practice is a yawning abyss. I've learned a lot of information already in my sales training. Ask me how my first sales meeting went.
  4. In any pursuit, the difference between theory and practice is a yawning abyss.
  5. When learning new skills, the most uncomfortable place is "conscious incompetence". You start out at "unconscious incompetence" -- you don't even know that you don't know. Then you learn a little and you realize how monumentally ignorant you really are. Fortunately, this gives you motivation to move quickly into "conscious competence".
  6. 5 to 10 minutes every day is more powerful than an hour once a week. This is true of just about everything, good or bad.
  7. Random thoughts tend to skitter away when approached too openly. You have to sneak up on 'em.
  8. The hardest time to work is the first sunny, 60-degree day of Spring.
  9. When you are recording your daily voicemail message, the cat will meow on the last sentence.
  10. Sometimes you have to make a decision without all of the information. Even ambulances get moving without knowing the final address.
  11. You don't always need the latest and coolest gadget for a good website, sometimes you just need the latest news.
  12. A papercut covers only a fraction of a percent of your skin's surface, yet it has a marvelous way of focusing the attention. This is why people will pay more to avoid pain than to achieve pleasure.
  13. Working on your own business is often harder than working on someone else's. This would be why the cobbler's children have no shoes and why my website is still under construction.
  14. The person on the other end of the phone line can tell if you are standing or not. Stand up and smile. Hunching over your desk sounds like desperation.
  15. If I don't record it, it never happened. We get to choose the life we remember.
  16. Websites are a lot like a newspaper. No matter how well-written or beautifully laid out, no one wants to read it if it's two years old.
  17. I've heard a theory that cats have "naps" stored in their fur. This would explain why I tend to fall asleep as soon as they jump into my lap.
Well, I think that might be my level of profundity for today.

So, what random thoughts have you had recently (the ones that won't get you locked up)?


Anonymous said...

Greg, great list inspired by Scott. Just because they are random, doesn't mean they don't have value. Good Job!

Unknown said...

Hi, Larry

Thanks for the encouragement. I guess I don't have an excuse to stop writing yet. ;-)

TimJ said...

I came here through Scott's blog. Great post! Although personally, I tend to knock my cats off my lap when the attempt anything. :)

Also, I posted a link to your blog entry here: http://www.getasiteonline.com/?q=node/204