Monday, July 31, 2006

The Adventures of Webmaster and Lady Vertigo

Just to show that I've got a fun-loving side (I know, I know, hard to believe isn't it?), Lisa and I went out to West Park in Ann Arbor on Sunday for the tenth anniversary party for our local comic book store, Vault of Midnight. The owners, Curtis and Liz, had only one requirement. You had to come dressed as a superhero (or supervillain).

Despite the heat of the day, we had a pretty remarkable turnout. One woman, covered in a veritable armor of American Express cards called herself "The Charger". She was a tremendous force for good or evil. She could either stimulate an economy or wipe it out completely. One couple, knowing the dehydrating power of the sun that day, came as the hero team of the Hydro Commando and Private Popsicle, complete with matching blue and pink cammo gear and ice chest in tow.

Now, don't go thinking that we were only there to eat. The supervillains and superheroes squared off for a fierce game of kickball. Let me tell you, you haven't lived until you've seen Daredevil sliding into home plate or Green Lantern kicking one out into left field.

I guess all this just says something about what a fun bunch of people Curtis and Liz have surrounded themselves with. If you are ever in downtown Ann Arbor, stop down at their new location on Main Street. Who knows? Maybe you'll meet one of your Saturday morning cartoon friends there. If not, you're sure to find something on the shelves which will take you back to that time.

So tell me, what super power do you wish you had?

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Larc said...

And what superheroes were you two??Nice pose, btw.