Wednesday, July 26, 2006

100% and More

Ann Arbor Area Chamber of CommerceMany of you know that I recently joined the Ann Arbor Area Chamber of Commerce. One of the primary reasons for me was to get more exposure for my business and to have more opportunities to network with professionals and non-profit organizations in the area. I also wanted to find a way to give back to the Ann Arbor community. I certainly got all of that. Even better, though, I found a group of people who just floor me with their customer focus.

One of these awesome individuals is Cheryl O'Brien. She's the Membership Director for the Chamber and runs the Ambassador Corps (which I recently joined). Cheryl was the person with whom I first spoke about joining the Chamber. She set aside a full hour of her time to answer any questions I might have. Despite the fact that Cyber Data Solutions is a very small company, she made me feel that we were just as important to the Chamber as Pfizer.

It wasn't just that first day, either. She continually amazes me by paying attention to the smallest details. Just one example: Today I happened to be at the Chamber office picking up some materials for a colleague. I was chatting with Cheryl for a few minutes and, in the course of the conversation, briefly wondered about the details of a retreat that I would be attending as a part of the Leadership Ann Arbor course that I'll be taking this Fall. Unfortunately, the person in charge of Leadership wasn't immediately available and I had to get going. I didn't give the question another thought, figuring that I would find out at a later date.

This afternoon, what should appear in my email queue, but a message from Cheryl with all of the details I needed to know. I tell you, with the kind of treatment that Cheryl and the other folks at the Chamber dish out, I think I will have a long and enjoyable association with them.

So tell me, has someone really wowed you with "100% and more" recently?

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