Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Trying to Change

JengaI've been a bit lax about writing lately and I thought it would be better to write something small tonight rather than nothing at all.

As chief cook and bottle washer of Cyber Data Solutions, I've been burning the candle at both ends -- trying to meet with people, maintain the office, do the work and keep some semblance of balance in my personal life.

One of the areas in which I felt I was achieving less-than-stellar results was in the area of my health. Exercise quite often went by the wayside with more of a general "I'll get to it later" intention than with any real sweat. I finally decided to shift my schedule a bit -- going to bed earlier and getting up earlier so that I could get my workout in at the beginning of the day.

The only problem is that I tend to write at the end of the day. Going to bed earlier eliminated that time.

So, now that I've made one change, the ripples are starting to spread through my life. With any kind of luck, I'll figure out some sort of equilibrium before the Jenga tower which is my schedule comes crashing down.

Wish me luck!

So, when was the last time you tried to remake your daily schedule? Did it work?


Debby said...

When Steve and I were married, I had to get up on every Monday morning at 4 AM to be able to catch a plane. That meant I had to go to bed no later than ten PM on Sunday evening. But of course I could never go to sleep, because I got keyed up, knowing that I HAD ti sleep instead of just falling asleep.

Dani Nordin said...

I tend to reinvent my schedule every day, really. Some weeks I'll stay up really late and get up a bit later in the morning, fitting my workouts in in the afternoon, some weeks I'll get up/get to bed earlier and work out before I get started with my day. I'm pleased that both actually work for me; when I finally started making daily exercise a non-option (I've been in the same boat as you), I was worried that not getting the workout in before I started my day would prevent me from being productive. So far, it hasn't - as long as I know that I'm going to do it, and I actually make an appointment with myself to do it later in the day, I can be really productive in the time before or after I get my exercise in.