Tuesday, January 16, 2007

14 Lessons from a Fortnight

Pile of WorkWell, it's been two weeks now since I've headed out on my own. I don't know if I've learned any momentous lessons yet, but I have come across a few minor ones.

  1. Do priority work first thing in the morning. It sets the tone for the day.
  2. Email is only rarely priority work.
  3. Blogging and reading blogs are even more rarely priority work.
  4. Developing a schedule is vital to success. I'm still working on this one.
  5. Make time for things other than work in your life.
  6. A cleared desk at night sets the tone for the next day.
  7. Skipping sleep to work just leads to having to redo the work the next day.
  8. Be curious. Explore the possibilities of new tools, new techniques, new relationships.
  9. Make time to take care of your health.
  10. A twenty minute walk is better than no exercise at all.
  11. A spouse who supports you wholeheartedly is better than twenty great business ideas.
  12. Things rarely go as planned. You expect a quiet month in which you can plan and develop a good strategy for your business? It probably won't happen.
  13. When you are expecting a quiet month and it doesn't happen, be grateful.
  14. When you are tired, a nap will do better than a can of Coke.
I'm sure there are a few more, but I'm pretty tired and it's time for me to get some sleep.

What new lessons have you learned in the last week (or which old ones have reminded you of their truth)?

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Spencer said...

What! Email & Blogs aren't priority? What kind of inverted person are you?!