Monday, August 28, 2006

You Say It's Your Birthday

It's my birthday, too!

Today I turn 39.

Birthdays always seem to be a somber, reflective time for me. I tend to wake up feeling a little depressed and slo-o-owly work my way out of it over the course of the day. Why is this, I wonder? I remember being a kid and being so excited about my birthday that I couldn't contain myself. I think the only sadness I felt was when it was over and the last piece of birthday cake was gone (and, of course, when the last present was opened -- especially if it turned out to be clothes).

These days I actually enjoy getting clothes for my birthday. My enjoyment for the day itself, on the other hand, seems to have paled. Of course, on those rare occasions when I think that no one has remembered, I get really depressed, so I'm not about to swear off birthdays entirely. That little kid is still in there somewhere looking for the birthday cake.

What is your favorite birthday memory? What do you do to make your birthday into your special day?


Larc said...

Happy birthday!! Hope you had a great day, despite the melancholy. And you know having a birthday is way better than the alternative.

Debbie said...

Happy Belated Birthday but we did wish you a happy birthday ahead of time at Debby's house! It was very nice to meet you both!

(part of the Jeff, Mandy, and Matt gang)