Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Calling of Your Soul: David Layne

In my business, I am very fortunate to be able to work every day with people who passionately strive to make the world a better place. They've devoted their time and talents to easing the suffering of others. Many take time from their not-so-copious leisure hours. Others have made this service into their career. I am amazed and humbled by their dedication.

I remember the first time I met David Layne, co-founder of the HOMES Coalition. He was in the midst of planning a large charity event to raise donations for the Community Housing Network and needed to update their website to provide information for that event. He had very clear ideas of what he wanted and was able to articulate them well (something I always appreciate). What really got me, though, was his attitude. The enthusiasm and passion that he brought to the table infected even me. I left that first meeting with a tremendous respect for his energy and vision and a deep excitement for the task at hand.

I was privileged to "listen in" on the planning process that went into preparing for the bash. It was a lot of work and the people involved were all donating their time and talent. In the end, though, with the powerful force of David and his team behind it, the event was a great success. If you really want to know why David can bring such energy and passion to the table, just read his own words about the celebration (scroll down past the pictures) and I think you will understand.

Who have you met recently who really "wowed" you?

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Debby said...

I had a hard time getting to David's words because of the pictures of Milt Wilcox and Eric Hipple. I lived in Detroit when they were young men in their prime. The now look SOOOO MATURE. Of course, I have not aged a day!