Thursday, March 02, 2006

Chalk It Up -- Write It Down

Note: This entry appeared in my original blog, "Home|Work"

I realize I am late in coming to the Blog scene. In fact my mom, Debby Peters, a very wise woman in the ways of business networking, but no technophile, even got her blog up and running before I did. Let's just chalk it up to youthful ignorance and leave it at that.

I call my blog "Home Work" because it is an outgrowth of my consulting business, Cyber Data Solutions, which I run out of my home office. Coincidentally, the focus of my business has been on helping non-profit organizations, in particular those that help people with special needs to find housing, such as Community Housing Network, Inc and the HOMES Coalition. I have to admit that earning my living by serving those who help others is a pretty satisfying thing.

So, what shall I write about in this venue? I'm not sure. Some days it may be about a Good Thing that one of my clients is doing. Other days I might wax rhapsodic about the latest website technology about which I've been learning. Still, don't be surprised if the occasional mention of my wife's beautiful tulip garden sneaks in. I realize that in the maelstrom that the blogosphere has become, the shouting masses can quickly drown out the lone voice. For those few who find me, though, and stick around for the ride I hope I can provide a moment of amusement or even an idea to ponder as the day goes on.

Until the next time, I hope you find Good Things around you to bring you joy. If you do, share them in the comments. We can all use a pick-me-up now and again.

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